Voxel Implementation and Edges

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Voxel Implementation and Edges

Postby di_bugger » Tue Feb 19, 2013 2:57 am

I've got an implementation of a cube terrain during the broad phase, as mentioned in Voxel Engine collision detection. When I detect a collision with the terrain, I create BoxShapes and a rigid object for each cube and pass the box and the colliding body into Detect(). It works pretty well, but there seems to be some extra bounciness to the colliding body when walking across a surface. Instead of smoothly moving forward like it would across one large box, the object begins to bounce up and down.

Is this due to the edges between the boxes, and is there a way to smooth out the movement?

There is also a problem with the overall shape. If I use a CapsuleShape, the body moves quite well and never gets stuck. If I use a box, however, it sometimes gets stuck against a wall (or 1 unit away from a wall), not being able to move when an impulse is applied in various directions. If I move away from the wall and back to it, it works fine, however.

Any thoughts?
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