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Postby pcaston2 » Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:25 pm


I'd like to include an object in my scene which is capable of being depressed, and recognizing when it is, like a button.

This would be similar to the pads found in Portal or Quantum Conundrum, where an object can be placed on a button, and it triggers another action.

I tried using the example included in Jitter with the two objects and the joint. I made the boxes have a bigger surface area, narrower, the bottom one became static, and the mass of both was reduced significantly. After some tweaking it worked to a degree, but it behaved more like a trampoline. Maybe that's my material settings?

If there is nothing on the pad I'd like it to stay 1 unit above the bottom pad. When an object presses on the upper pad, it is pressed down one unit and hits pad 2. Upon removing the object, pad 1 returns to 1 unit above the bottom pad.

Any ideas?

This is the code I have, you could dump it into your PrismaticJointTest.cs scene from the demo.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;
using Jitter.Collision.Shapes;
using Jitter.Dynamics;
using Jitter.LinearMath;
using Jitter.Dynamics.Joints;

namespace JitterDemo.Scenes
public class PrismaticJointTest : Scene

public PrismaticJointTest(JitterDemo demo)
: base(demo)


public override void Build()

RigidBody body1 = new RigidBody(new BoxShape(5, 0.125f, 5));
RigidBody body2 = new RigidBody(new BoxShape(5, 0.125f, 5));

body1.Position = new JVector(0, 1.125f, 0);
body2.Position = new JVector(0, 0.125f, 0);
body1.Mass = 0.1f;
body2.Mass = 0.1f;
body2.IsStatic = true;

PrismaticJoint pj = new PrismaticJoint(Demo.World, body1, body2, 1f, 2f);

pj.MaximumDistanceConstraint.Softness = 0.0f;
pj.MinimumDistanceConstraint.Softness = 1.0f;


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